💌 COVID-19 Offer to New Clients of Direct 💌


New clients switching to Direct get 6 months free of subscription & transaction fees + potential “buyout” of current PMS contractual commitments. Details and form to request a demo below! ⬇️


We know you are tightening the belt, and looking to cut as many costs as you can to come out of the other side of this strong. You are having to make some hard decisions, but we want to give you an easy one: 


1️⃣ Any managers that get a personalized demo (or sit in an upcoming webinar demo) and sign a standard agreement with Direct between 4/15/20 – 5/15/20 will get six months of subscription and transaction fees COMPLETELY FREE, effective 45 days from the date of signing. Yes, free, not deferred or delayed. Free. The only cost is a one-time implementation fee, which will vary based on the level of effort required for your onboarding (see below for how this is calculated and how this can be discounted).  


It’s as simple as that – to give you a leg up on coming out of this stronger with one or two fewer hard decisions to make, you don’t need to worry about paying to use a PMS, worry about paying a channel manager to process your bookings, or worry about paying to maintain your direct website, for six months, non-deferred.


We’ll also complete a personalized audit of your current software costs, in addition to calculating our costs with Direct, to ensure what you end up paying us gives you an edge in an uncertain future.


Locked into a high-cost agreement with your current PMS? Here’s another easy decision:


2️⃣ For those qualified following our audit of your current software costs and agreement, we’re also willing to “buy you out” of your current PMS contractual commitments in the form of monthly, quarterly, or annual discounts discounts amounting up to the total contractual commitment, which will be applied starting at your twelve month anniversary from signing, through 2022.


We not only want to provide you with some relief in the uncertain months ahead, but we also want to offer peace of mind with significant sunk costs along the way.


For many managers, the past few weeks have been bogged down with cancelation and refund requests, but we’ve entered a period that is slower than any low season, so now is a great time to consider upgrading your software. As well, because we’ve invested in innovative, proprietary onboarding technology, we have the ability to build out accounts in weeks instead of months. So amidst all of the hard decisions, moving to a next-gen system with favorable terms to help secure a bright future for your business for years to come is not only an easy decision, but it’s also a good one!


*Offer is valid 4/15/20 – 5/15/20 and applies to standard contracts only. Discount effective 45 days from date of signing. One-time implementation fee not included in offer. Offer does not include separate fees assessed by distribution channels or credit card processor. Direct does not guarantee contractual buyout offer to all who inquire. Direct reserves the right to decline working with any clients.

COVID-19 Offer Form

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